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22 Reasons To Follow Holly Luyah

22 Reasons To Follow Holly Luyah

Holly Luyah is a 29-year-old social media influencer from Oregon that Forbes has dubbed one of the Top 10 fashion influencers, and the plus size beauty can frequently be seen posting curve-flaunting outfits with killer accessories.

Here are all the reasons you should follow Holly Luyah and her stylish antics.

1. When Holly Luyah arrived to Los Angeles from her hometown of Salem Oregon, she didn’t just get famous from Instagram. She originally moved to the city of dreams to pursue a singing career at the age of 18, but fell into fashion and styling instead. When she discovered her love for styling outfits, she used IG as a platform to build her brand.

2. Although tons of people follow her for her outfits, it’s undeniable that plenty also follow her for her curvy hourglass figure.

3. Since then, she’s styled high-profile celebs like Lucy Hale, Ariel Winter, Karreuche Train and Draya Michele. She’s been photographed with the likes of Jay Leno, and invited to star-studded bashes like Jamie Foxx’s July 4th party. Today, she has over 3.3 million followers.

4. Holly also started her own clothing line in 2018, naming the line Luyah by Holly Luyah. She’s also done multiple collaborations with Fashion Nova and modelled for the brand. Additionally, she’s worked with Good American, Pretty Little thing, and Oh Polly.

5. Luyah’s values are to be kind to everyone, be true to yourself, and be a hard worker. We can get behind that!

7. Her dream diner guest in NSYNC, according to an interview with Arizona Foothills magazine. #relatable!

8. Holly’s favorite food is Mexican cuisine, but she also loves banana pancakes.

9. Her first job was working for her sister, cleaning, cooking, and washing dishes for her catering business.

10. She has a big support network of other inspiring models, makeup artists, and influencers. She has a positive energy and invites those with a similar mentality into her circle. These influencers include Elise Estrada, Olivia Pierson and Luisa Piou, who regularly shout out Holly on IG, showering her with comments of appreciation and support.

11. She only quotes from Sex in the City, saying that Carrie Bradshaw is her hero.

12. Holly has a cat and its name is Pootie Tang.

13. Luyah is an inspiration to girls who are scared to show off their curves and take up space. She has been accused of using cosmetic surgery to increase her hip and glute size and reduce her waist size, but these rumors have never been confirmed by the influencer. Flaunt that blessed body, ladies, and don’t let anyone shame you, whether it’s natural or surgical.

14. If she could change one thing in the world it would be violence – especially when the acts are committed against kids.

15. Her favorite drinks are espressos from her Nespresso machine and Mai Tais.

16. Holly Luyah’s net worth is between approximately $1-2 million.

17. Right now, there’s no focus (or drama) on her romantic relationships — instead, she seems to be focused on her career. We love that she’s so independent and doesn’t need a guy to be on her arm or define her. Holly is all about her hustle, and that’s an amazing message to young girls and women out there following her.

18. She was once on Geordie Shore, a British reality television show, and has also acted as a host on the YouTube show Gamer Next Door.

19. She’s lived in Hawaii before, and her favorite place in the world is Maui.

20. Unlike many superficial influencers, Holly actually cares about what’s going on in the world and posts about issues, like the Taliban takeover forcing many to flee their homes, and the Black Lives Matter movement, with posts like this about supporting black businesses and using her platform to bring them support by tagging them.

21. She is obsessed with charcuterie boards as her iG indicates. I mean, who isn’t, with all those delicious salty things on the world on a huge platter?

22. Her purse game is fire, from Bottega Veneta to Dior.

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